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Who We Are


Geological consultant and gemologist with a Masters from the University of Melbourne and three professional qualifications in core drilling,geo thermal imaging and rock chiseling. As a geologist I delve into the exciting world of formations in the earth's crust.

As a gemologist I purchase mineral formations wholesale and then retail around the world.I work as a Mineral geologist cum consultant cum sales man. Its just a fancy name for a man who looks for special rock formations in the earth crusts.

When there is a movement in the bowels of the earth certain chemical reactions occur and produce physical elements. We call them Mineral rock formations.

 You call them Special stones. In geologist mode, I study the earth movement and conduct experiments and all that. In consultant mode I give lectures, attend seminars, go to conferences and consult for firms who which to go on geological expedition, and in salesman mode I buy in Raw state from whole-sellers have it sent to my contacts for shaping and refining and then sell them through other contacts.